FTSE-250 company chooses QuigleyMEDIA for corporate podcasting

Kofax plc’s Chief Marketing Officer interviewed by ECM Plus in-depth podcast interview

QuigleyMEDIA – London Stock Exchange-listed FTSE-250 technology company Kofax plc (LSE: KFX) has selected QuigleyMEDIA for its new B2B podcasts.

According to Kofax, the choice of QuigleyMEDIA was based on the ROI for the marketing and brand asset of the podcasting and the depth-level of interview that helped make complex corporate procurement an easier and simplified process for executives. Read more of this post


Podcasting pace picks up as media format tops out 58 million

Podcasting, an effective way of reaching a target audience, can automatically deliver the podcast asset show to blogs, or mp3 players, iTunes, ShoutCast and with blogs, you can link to another website that contains your podcasts.

There are now more than 58 million podcast listeners which demonstrates that podcasts really are the fastest growing media format in 2010.

Unlike commercials, however, podcasting takes listeners ‘behind-the-scenes’ for a unique insight of your product line, guest, or business.

It’s such a valuable tool for company information, and for long-term applications, the listener has the stored file as a permanent resource that can be a font of information, and a tie-in to an upcoming event or newsletter or brochure or even an ad campaign content feature – similar to DVD film ‘extra’ or Director’s Cut material.

However, unless you have a professional background as an media announcer, don’t attempt to create your own podcasts. One of the finest pros in the business is Paul Quigley, our award-winning producer, director, writer, and radio personality. He has a unique ability to make any guest feel relaxed.

The finished podcast should be well produced with a seasoned host and production team. And, production is just the first step – then, there’s the marketing…

Like other things in business, podcasting takes a certain skill-set which is best left to the professionals.

QuigleyMEDIA provides clients with a state-of-art studio, geared toward phone-in, radio and voice-over production with remote capabilities, original music and designed for multi-track soundtrack and music recording and post-production.

Call now for a demo to get your campaign online.

MobilPod – sonic marketing going mobile – are you ready?

Podcasts to mobiles? Yes indeed. The future of marketing and advertising is going mobile at a frenetic pace – are you ready?

Do you want to be geared up ready to take advantage of the mobile advertising wave?
Do you want to get your brand in front of your prospects and customers wherever they are?
Do you want that intimate mass customisation, market-of-one touch to outsmart your competition?

Then get product and news podcasts out to your target market via their mobile phones and smartphones. Making podmarketing work for your organisation is another route to market that is about to go gangbusters.

Are your ready?

QuigleyMEDIA creates short, bursty and punchy marketing assets for your new mobile ad campaigns and the wireless marketing mix. Call us today to help plan your new mobile strategy.


The business case for podcasts

More organisations than ever before are paying greater attention to podcasts as a medium, and are beginning to experiment with them to grow their business in tough economy times where cost-effective marketing and communication are mission-critical.

Organisations are asking themselves questions like, how can we use this tool to reach out to our customers?

Probably the most notable organisation to have taken up podcasting as a marketing tool and to have embraced its benefits as an integral part of their marketing mix in a rich media world, where they are leveraging their brand and building relationships with customers is General Motors.

GM began their podcasting marketing strategy with such assets as interviews with GM executives on the launch of new products. Since then, GM has used other podcasts highlighting their services and building product awareness. The reaction of customers and enthusiasts have thus far been highly positive and customers are receptive, and it has now enabled GM to gain invaluable feedback from podcast listeners – feedback they would not have been able to source in any other way.

But you don’t need to be GM to see the value of podcasts. Such a communication channel could be used to present to almost any business as part of overall communication strategy and to develop more effective relationships with stakeholders.

Here are three other ways companies are using podcasts:

– A weekly 15-minute business update for employees spoken by the CEO: employees worldwide ‘subscribe’ to receive the podcast via the company intranet (or, better yet, from the CEO’s weblog).

– New product announcement: traditional product info on the public marketing website, press release goes out – and there’s also a podcast which contains an informal interview (a conversation) between, say, a customer and one of the men or women in the factory who made the product.

– The sales director records an occasional podcast for her geographically-dispersed sales team with tips and tricks on, say, how to close deals with certain types of customers; the podcast is available from the sales intranet as additional information to complement other, more formal, sales collateral.

These are simple examples, yet you can probably imagine how effective a podcast could be in such situations as a complement to other communication channels.

Hearing the voice of a CEO or factory employee or sales director adds a human and informal touch to what’s often the formalness of organisational communication, which can be a powerful emotional influencer on internal and external audiences alike.

Empowered press releases – just add sound…

One key way to drive readers and listeners to your existing press, media and corporate activity is to embed the power of podcast and audio ‘into’ the body of the press release. That way, those too busy to read through can simply click through and listen to your marketing message. Simple.

Web 3.0 begins and ends with rich media

With bandwidth, the frequency shift from flatform 2D text to 3DHD and beyond, the myriad possibilities for the marketing message become an order of magnitude so large that few will be able to examine all possibiilites in a given timeframe. Hence, intelligent marketeers will choose the best path to communicate with their audiences, and the most compelling medium to date is not video, but sound.

Cutting the distance from sender to recipient is both a cost-conscious measure, and a time-based measure – the time to market is becoming so short that the market itself will break up into fragements before you have time to marshall your marketing assets ready for the big push.

Sound and audio cuts the time and cost equation into ribbons.

It really is a no brainer.

Talk. Then listen.

Powerpods: sounds like,,,

,,,making sound media assets…

The future of mediality – sonic mediality – on a different wavelength to conventional messages.